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Oysters with Beluga caviar


Difficulty: Medium
Tme required: 20 minutes
Ingredients: (for 4 people): 50 grams of beluga caviar, 12 oysters, few drops of lemon
Preparation: Very easy caviar recipes: open with the proper knife the oyster, throw away the empty shell and, with the same knife, just remove the mollusc from the other shell but leave it into it.
Oysters have to be very fresh. Put them on an ice bed, softly add beluga caviar and serve them immediately with iced cold champagne.


Salmon sashimi with caviar


Difficulty:  Easy 
Time required: 15 minutes
Ingredients: (for 4 people): 50 grams of black caviar, very fresh salmon filet, crème fraîche.
Preparation: With a very sharp knife cut the salmon filet along its length then cut it into slices about 5mm high. Put the sashimi on a tray and gently add crème fraîche on it.
Add very cold black caviar on top of every slice and decorate with chives or parsley.


Canapes with black caviar


Difficulty: Very easy 
Time required: 10 minutes 
Ingredients (for 4 people): 50 grams of caviar , white soft bread, butter 
Preparation: Cut the bread into slices and toast it lightly. Add a thin slice of cold butter on each piece of bread. Gently put the very cold black caviar on top trying to form a little ball, kind of a pearl dimension. 
Serve immediately accompanied with frozen vodka or champagne


Crème fraîche canapes with caviar


Difficulty: Easy 
Time required: 15 minutes 
Ingredients (for 4 people): 50 grams of caviar, bread, butter, crème fraîche. 
Preparation: Cut the bread and toast in the oven or pan till it reaches the colour you like. Add on every slice of bread some soft butter and spread it till it gets completely absorbed.
Now add a thin line of crème fraîche, top it with very cold black caviar and serve it with iced cold vodka or champagne.

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