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Superior Caviar, 100% Made in Italy.


Salmo Pan SRL started manufacturing and selling Adamas caviar in 2012. Italy is the largest sturgeon producer in the world both in terms of quantity and quality. Salmo Pan SRL is one of the top three sturgeon producers in Italy.


Our water supply system is ideal for sturgeon farming: pure, clear and cold. The water of the Tormo River comes from the snow in the Alps and provides an excellent environment for our sturgeons to grow. Salmo Pan SRL uses state-of-the-art technology and produces caviar that meets the highest nutritional, hygiene and safety standards.


More than 25 Michelin-starred restaurants throughout Europe and Asia use Adamas caviar for their premium cuisine, as do a wide range of clients, which include individuals, restaurants, hotels and agencies. Adamas has clients in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, USA, Taiwan, Poland and Ukraine.

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